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Hello. I am Mrs. Edie  your new Media Specialist!

Claudett M. Edie Certified Media Specialist

Claudett M. Edie Certified Media Specialist

Although I may be described as NEW this is not my first role as an educator or as a school librarian.  If you are from Rowan County I may have been your high school English Teacher, your high school science teacher, your cross country or tennis coach, your third grade teacher, your grade school librarian, your middle school gifted reading teacher, your 21st media teacher, your parent volunteer, your summer science camp instructor, your tutor,  your substitute teacher, your Sunday school teacher, or a mother from your Friday morning play group.  I am proud to say that all of these experiences have shaped and prepared me to be a highly educated 21st Century librarian.

As for my education background I have a B.A. in Middle School Science and English, M.A. Middle School Education, M.A./Rank 1 School Administration and Leadership, English Minor, Library Media Specialist Certification, and I am a NASA SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassador.

I enjoy all things tech related and love to learn new things especially if I am learning with other people.  I spend my free time reading and working outdoors.  I always like to meet new people and I look forward to meeting you and your family!


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